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Mary Freas
Student Weaver
Child weaving scarf

My name is Mary Freas, the owner/instructor.  Sunset Fiberworks is the name of my weaving and spinning studio and the "label" under which I market my creations.


I have been weaving for 30 years or so and spinning for about 17 years.  So far, I have sold my creations through craft fairs.  I am a founding member of ACoRN - Artisans and Crafters of Rural North Carolina.  This is a local cooperative formed to promote and encourage traditional artisan skills that don't generally fall under the "fine arts" umbrella.  You can follow them on Facebook.

I was taught by Joanne Nolan, a family friend.  At the time, she was teaching weaving at Haywood Community College.  Between quarters, I spent about a week with her.  At the end of the time I had learned how to:


  •  select thread for a given project

  •  match the thread to the correct reed size

  •  read a pattern draft

  •  thread the loom (warping)

  •  make nice selvedges. 

  •  I wove a houndstooth throw that I still use today.

I am more interested in teaching these classic fiber skills to others than in making big bucks!  I do, however, need to cover my costs.  Fees will be based on length of stay,  what the student wants to learn, the type of loom selected, materials cost, rooming on-site and meals, if any.  Generally the fees will not exceed $125/day, all inclusive.  Off-site housing and meals will be the student's responsibility. At present, instructional time for a treadle loom will be $50/day.  Less complicated looms will be less.  Spinning instruction will be $20/hour.  Depending on comfort level and dexterity, 3 -5 hours instruction will be needed. The rest of the time will be spent actually  spinning.

Day students are welcome, as are well-behaved, focused children.  Two of our grandchildren did their first gift/sale-quality weaving at age 5!

I have found that older adults can sit comfortably at a loom for about 2 hours.  Younger weavers can last longer.  Children are usually ready for a break after 45 minutes or an hour.  Students will want to bring other projects, a book, music or plan short sight-seeing trips to provide breaks.  Naps are good, too!

Weavers will leave with a completed project of their choice. 


Spinners will leave with their first skein of yarn.



You can follow me on Facebook.  The best way to contact me is by e-mail:  We can then talk about what you want to do, set the date(s), and establish the fees.

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